Benefits of a Buyer's Agent

A buyer’s agent represents you, the buyer, not the seller, and has full fiduciary duties, including loyalty to you.  By definition, the buyer’s agent has your best interests in mind throughout the transaction.  The percentage of homebuyers with buyer representation has grown significantly in the past decade.  According to a recent National Association of Realtors® survey, nearly half (46%) of home buyers used the services of a buyer’s agent last year.

The benefits of buyer representation is the dedication of a buyer’s agent to the home buyer.  The buyer’s agent and homebuyer establish a mutual agreement, known as a buyer agency agreement.  Working with an experienced REALTOR® to buy your home is a good idea for several reasons:

  • It’s FREE!  Buyers do not pay for agent representation.
  • A REALTOR® is familiar with the process and can guide you along the way.
  • A REALTOR® can easily access information on all properties listed for sale by any REALTOR®. (Remember, you cannot see all of the information available online. Many times homes will have multiple offers, require an offer by a certain time/date or require a certain type of financing or need major repairs. This information is NOT marketed to the public in most cases.)
  • A REALTOR® can set up appointments for you to see homes that interest you. (This is a time saver for you vs contacting individual listing agents and having to adhere to their schedule.)
  • A REALTOR® will help you complete all the necessary paperwork when it comes time to make an offer.
  • A REALTOR® will guide you through the contract process and will ensure each step is done in a timely manner, coordinating with sellers, mortgage professionals, appraisers and the title company on your behalf.   


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